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Z7 has the solutions and industry partnerships to utilize today’s most proven corporate cloud computing technologies to greatly reduce your current IT costs. Whether you have 2, 20, or 20,000 end users in your company, Z7 cloud integration specialists will work with you and your budgets to customize the IT infrastructure solutions that works best for your business operations.

The evolution of the internet and corporate cloud computing in recent years has forced all of the IT and business communities into a major paradigm shift when assessing capital IT expenditures. While corporate cloud computing has become a standard in the IT industry, various questions still arise for organizations.

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    How do I move applications to the cloud?

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    What’s the difference between a Private and Public Cloud?

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    How do I manage this transition and the migration of my network?

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    What are the risks?

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    How much do I really reduce my costs?

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    How do I manage my applications once I’ve moved to the cloud?

Z7 utilizes a specialized team of Cloud Engineers and a proven process framework to specifically guide organizations, small and large in utilizing corporate cloud architectures. Z7 Cloud Integration Consultants will tailor a customized solution with the use of our cloud management tools to knit together cloud applications, cloud platforms and cloud infrastructures so that it makes sense for your budgets and the operational needs of your organization.

Z7’s Cloud Integration Services

In partnership with Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite. Office 365 has become a standard for business class collaboration throughout most industries. Contact our expert Cloud consultants to find out if it makes sense for your business and what it takes to get started.

Just Some of the Other Cloud Services We Specialize In:

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  • Dropbox
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  • Ringcentral
  • OneDrive-forBiz

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